Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stormin Dorman Productions presents: GPA Calculator!

Hello all,

Allow me to introduce the newest app from Stormin Dorman Productions--- GPA Calculator!

GPA Calculator from Stormin Dorman Productions is the new best way to keep track of your grades and classes as you progress through your school career!

The perfect tool for students! Add your semesters, classes and grades and GPA Calculator will take care of the rest. It will provide all of the stats you need to track your grades per semester as well as your overall GPA.

GPA Calculator Features:

* Simple, beautiful, easy to use interface. Easily and quickly add as many semesters and classes as you want. Even if you are in school for many semesters, GPA Calculator can track them all. The goal of GPA Calculator is to be as easy and intuitive as possible.

* Stats. GPA Calculator will show you all the stats you want from your school career including Cumulative GPA, Semester GPA, Best Semester and Worst Semester.

* Update and edit anything. Made a mistake entering your grade information? You can edit anything you enter into GPA Calculator without redoing everything again.

* The perfect tool for college students. Need to keep tabs on your GPA for scholarship purposes? With GPA Calculator all of this information will be instantly at your fingertips for you to use and monitor.

* Small app size. The <100kb application size will not take up any room on your Android phone.

* Tested on Android 1.6-2.3. This app will run on all versions of Android including the newest version of Gingerbread. Apps2SD is also supported for those of you with Froyo or newer.


Point your Android's Barcode Scanner Here!


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