Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Calculator 3.0 Is Finally Complete!

Hello all!!

I'm very excited to finally announce that Calculator has finally hit 3.0 status. I'm very excited to finally release this and am sorry it took so long but I think the wait has been worth it.

Calculator 3.0 brings:

  • Skins! You can now choose the look and feel of the Calculator on the fly. Choose from "iCalc", "Greyscale", "Milky Way" and "HTC". You may also set skins and layouts independently of each other
  • Added the ability to force the screen to stay on while you are in the app.
  • Fixed a quirk where certain operations would cause the answer to display weird (ie. 15/1.5 = 10 now instead of 1E+1). Thanks to those who alerted me to this.
  • Internal improvements and optimizations
Overall I am very pleased with this update. Sorry again for the long time it took to get this out. If any of you have suggestions for skins I would love to hear it!

Please rate and comment. I love the feedback!


The new skins =)

Greyscale Skin, Default Portrait Layout 
HTC Skin, Business Portrait Layout
Milky Way Skin, Simple Portrait Layout

Milky Way Skin, Default Landscape Layout
iCalc Skin, Simple Landscape Layout
HTC Skin, Default Landscape Layout

Monday, November 8, 2010

Skins: Coming in Calculator 3.0

Hello everyone,

I am still working on the 3.0 update for my calculator. This one (as promised) will come with skins along with other bug fixes and some pretty serious code rewrites.

I am hoping to get this out in the next week or so... stay tuned!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Calculator 3.0 in progress

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give you a quick update since there haven't been any updates in a few weeks.

Calculator 3.0 is in the works and I'm really excited about it. I don' t know when it will be done but I think it will be pretty sweet. My life has been super busy over the last couple weeks so I haven't had much time to devote to it.

Rest assured it will come. I will try to put in as many of your suggestions that I can. Be patient with me.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Calculator 2.3.2 already?

Can a guy do 3 updates in a day? Well I guess so. Sorry about that folks but I was just alerted as to how huge my app size had needlessly gotten (800k for a calculator?).

I have since redone some of the code and just published the new version to the Market (only 330k).
This update should also improve startup speed of the app.

Sorry for the quickness, but I think this will help =)

Comments, suggestions, questions, hobbies, interests? Send them my way at: dev@stormindorman.com


Calculator 2.3.1- Found a small bug... but it's fixed!

Sorry for the quickness of the updates. I found and fixed a small bug relating to the '%' key and decimal numbers.

It should be good to go now!


Calculator 2.3- A few updates here and there...

Hey everyone,

Just pushed out Calculator 2.3 for you in the Market.
This was a smaller update feature-wise but does add a few new things here and there that people have requested that makes it a little more usable.

The 2.3 update includes:

  • Updates "Simple" layout in landscape so it looks a little cleaner
  • The "%" key now evaluates the expression when you hit it so you don't have to hit equals right after
  • When you store a number in memory, you can now start typing the next one you would like to work with immediately instead of hitting clear first
    • Eg. To add 2 and then 3 into memory you now hit 2 > M+ > 3 > M+ 
    • Instead of 2 > M+ > Clear > 3 > M+
Thanks to all of you who keep writing in with suggestions. I will try to add as many as I can.

Thanks, enjoy!

The updated "Simple" Layout at the bottom =)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Calculator 2.2 - the Shape Shifter

Hey everyone you can now download the Calculator 2.2 update in the Market.

This sweet update includes:
-Ability to change layout on the fly. I have included 2 more default layouts (including one with a % key in portrait for you business types). I plan on adding more and if you have any suggestions let me know!
-Adjusted haptic feedback levels

As always if you guys have any suggestions or problems please shoot me an email!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Calculator 2.1 on the ready to go!

Hola everyone,

Got a new version of Calculator for you guys to download.
The 2.1 update brings:

  • Install app to SD card for all you Froyo users
  • Ability to select haptic feedback level (Off, Light, Medium, Hard)
Hope you guys enjoy these niceties. If the "Hard" feedback isn't hard enough for some of you let me know and I'll increase it.

Have fun,

BTW- I am working on putting a % button in portrait mode. Lots of you have asked for this and I have heard you.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Calculator 2.0.1

As I suspected, a couple bugs snuck past me.

Calculator 2.0.1 fixes a couple trig related bugs.

Sorry about that.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Calculator 2.0!!!

Hello everyone!!

I am so excited today to release version 2.0 of Calculator on the Android Market!!

This is a major update that I have been working for a long time on and I know many of you have been asking for it.

This update brings a slew of new functions to the calculator including:

  • Landscape mode (finally)
  • Scientific Functions
  • Trig
  • Roots
  • Radian and decimal mode
  • Log (base E, 2 and 10)
I am very excited for this release and hope you enjoy it very much.

As usual with such a big release, one or two bugs can slip by my attention so if you find one please shoot me an email and I will get on fixing it. Please don't rate down for such things, I can fix them if you just tell me.

Thanks to all who have bought this product! I hope to continue making it into the best calculator on Android!

Enough talk. Go download, rate and tell me what you think!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

2.0 release very soon!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that Calculator 2.0 release is coming very soon.

Assuming I don't find anymore bugs we should be looking at a release in the next couple of days! It is looking and working great.

Can't wait to release it!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick Update

Hey guys I just thought I would quickly let you know that I am still hard at work on landscape mode and that it still coming.

My life has been getting busy these last few weeks so I only have a little bit during the day to devote to this.

Don't worry it is coming and it will be sweet!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Calculator 1.1.1 (sorry the updates were so quick)

Hey guys I just published Calculator 1.1.1 on the Market. A few small bugs crept by me last night but they should be fixed now.

Sorry for the rapid updates but I just want to make sure you guys have the best experience possible with this calc!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Calculator 1.1 ready to play

Hola everybody!

Calculator 1.1 is in the Market and ready for you guys to download.

This nifty little release includes:
  • Added highlights around the operator and MC button to indicate information. The operator buttons will be highlighted when they are the currently used operator; the MC button will be highlighted when there is a number stored in memory.
  • Improved data persistence when changing system states
I hope you guys like this update. Enjoy!


PS- I am still working on landscape mode. Be patient with me.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Calculator 1.0 is finally a go on the Market

Hello everyone today finally marks the 1.0 release of Calculator on the Android Market!!!

It goes on sale for $0.99 and brings many new features including data persistence and haptic feedback (I know many of you have been asking for this one!)

From this point forward I will no longer be updating the free version of the Calculator in the Market. I will be focusing my attention purely on the paid version of Calculator for all future releases and I still do intend to include all the features I promised in the beginning including landscape mode and skins.

I sincerely thank all of you who downloaded my app. This was my first app I have developed and am so excited to see the positive response to it. If you would love to see this Calculator continue to get better, please consider purchasing this new version.

I still very much look forward to your feedback and would love to hear your comments and suggestions (even if they are simply in the comment sections of the app because I regularly check those too!).


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day is the Last Free Day!

Ladies and gentlemen the time has come for the end of Calculator's free download period!

Labor Day will be the last day you can download Calculator in the Market for free. Starting 9/7, I will push out the 1.0 release for Calculator after which the app will be available for $0.99.

Thanks for everyone's support if you already downloaded my app (over 10,000 of you!), I hope to continually improve it over the coming months with many new features and great support. Also, unfortunately due to Google's nasty store policy involving free/paid apps, even if you downloaded this free version you must buy the new paid version (I'm very sorry as this is not how I would do it at all- if this is frustrating to you let Google know!).

For those of you wondering about the scientific functions--- don't worry they are coming! I am already working on them and will publish as soon as I can.

Again, thanks for everyone's support. I hope to make this the best, most innovative calculator on Android!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

0.6.2 update!

Just quickly pushed out a bugfix release.

This update fixed an odd regression bug where the calculator wouldn't work properly if the first number was negative. Thanks to Dan for alerting me to this!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Calculator 0.6.1 fresh out of the oven

Alright guys, I got a sweet new update for you tonight.

0.6.1 update features:
- much better handling of really big and small numbers. Really large or small numbers will be properly formatted in scientific notation and will allow powers of up to +/-999 while retaining a relatively decent amount of accuracy (as accurate as your favorite iDevice). At that point big numbers go to Infinity, small numbers go to Zero and the calculator will reset. I'm quite proud of this new feature and feel this is sufficient number space for any calculating one needs to do (if it isn't I guess let me know via email!)
- I also fixed a small number of quirks when entering numbers and such to make it look prettier and much more polished
-Made the area where the numbers are displayed a tad larger

At this point this calculator is nearing the point where my focus will be turning to adding those scientific functions you all have been requesting. This will take some time so be patient me, I want these features too but I want them to turn out right.

Please download and please send me your feedback in the comments or email (Yes I do regularly check both)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calculator 0.6 out in the wild!

Hey guys got a nifty update out on the market for you to download.

The 0.6 update includes:
- Fixed a couple force close bugs when dividing by zero and such
- Much better handling of larger numbers. This is a nice new feature as the calculator will now shrink the text in the window when the text is getting long so it doesn't spill off the end. This should help those of you who love to calculate them big numbers =) Although it will eventually be too big if you go up past a couple trillion (it's not a perfect update) this is a good start and will be sufficient for most of us.

My life will be getting busier in the coming weeks but I still hope to keep pumping out consistent updates for you guys!

Enjoy and please email me with any bugs/or suggestions you have!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Calculator 0.5.3 is on the Market!

I published two minor updates back to back tonight for your calculating pleasure.

0.5.2 fixed some minor number formatting bugs (thanks Hondo!)

0.5.3 updated the layout slightly

Download them. Enjoy them. Let me know what you think.

Calculator 0.5.1 Out!

Calculator 0.5.1 just arrived on the market.

This is mainly a bug fix release. The calculator no longer FCs when the answer has repeating digits in the answer. Thanks to Lyle for alerting me to this.

I am currently working on making sure numbers format better when working with really large numbers (they still disappear off the screen when longer than about 8 digits). I don't intend this calculator to be used for super large calculations but it would be nice if you could tell what you were working with and still keep good accuracy when you wanted to!

As always, download the new version and tell me what you think!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Calculator 0.5 is on the Market!!

Just pushed out a sweet new update for my Calculator for you guys!

This update includes:
- big internal code revisions
- changed how the program works with numbers that should make it more accurate
- the memory buttons (should) work now; email me if they don't
- the ability to backspace (just tap where the numbers are displayed)

Please download this update and let me know what you think!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Calculator 0.4.1 is on the Market!

Hey everyone a new version of my calculator is on the market!

This is a minor release and features a slightly updated layout as well as a color refresh on the buttons

Hope you enjoy it!

Questions, comments, bugs, suggestions?
>>> stormindormanproductions@gmail.com

The new button artwork :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Calculator 0.4 is on the Market!

Here is the initial release of my simple but beautiful calculator app. I tried to mimic the look and feel of the iPhone's calculator app while adding some additional functionality of my own. It only works in portrait mode right now but I plan to add landscape in the future.

Some future goals of mine include:
-Add landscape mode
-Add additional functions (ie. Trig, Pi, Sqrt...)
-Ability to change skins as well as layout of the calculator

This app will be free for a limited time to celebrate its release.

Any questions, comments, bugs or suggestions don't hesitate to send me an email at stormindormanproductions@gmail.com


And finally here's the qr code for your phone!

Welcome to Stormin Dorman Productions!

Hello everyone this is the first post for Stormin Dorman Productions. I will be using this blog to talk about current updates and developments from SDP.

Check back from time to time to see the current development status of the different projects I am working on as well as what I will be working on