Sunday, September 26, 2010

Calculator 2.0!!!

Hello everyone!!

I am so excited today to release version 2.0 of Calculator on the Android Market!!

This is a major update that I have been working for a long time on and I know many of you have been asking for it.

This update brings a slew of new functions to the calculator including:

  • Landscape mode (finally)
  • Scientific Functions
  • Trig
  • Roots
  • Radian and decimal mode
  • Log (base E, 2 and 10)
I am very excited for this release and hope you enjoy it very much.

As usual with such a big release, one or two bugs can slip by my attention so if you find one please shoot me an email and I will get on fixing it. Please don't rate down for such things, I can fix them if you just tell me.

Thanks to all who have bought this product! I hope to continue making it into the best calculator on Android!

Enough talk. Go download, rate and tell me what you think!


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