Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Calculator 1.0 is finally a go on the Market

Hello everyone today finally marks the 1.0 release of Calculator on the Android Market!!!

It goes on sale for $0.99 and brings many new features including data persistence and haptic feedback (I know many of you have been asking for this one!)

From this point forward I will no longer be updating the free version of the Calculator in the Market. I will be focusing my attention purely on the paid version of Calculator for all future releases and I still do intend to include all the features I promised in the beginning including landscape mode and skins.

I sincerely thank all of you who downloaded my app. This was my first app I have developed and am so excited to see the positive response to it. If you would love to see this Calculator continue to get better, please consider purchasing this new version.

I still very much look forward to your feedback and would love to hear your comments and suggestions (even if they are simply in the comment sections of the app because I regularly check those too!).


1 comment:

  1. I really like the way you've designed your calculator - clean and attractive. It's got a space on my main screen. I wish you the best.