Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Calculator 2.3.2 already?

Can a guy do 3 updates in a day? Well I guess so. Sorry about that folks but I was just alerted as to how huge my app size had needlessly gotten (800k for a calculator?).

I have since redone some of the code and just published the new version to the Market (only 330k).
This update should also improve startup speed of the app.

Sorry for the quickness, but I think this will help =)

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  1. Purchased your Calc app, and happy with it so far. Any time frame on when some skins will be added to the application? I like the functionality or the calculator, but would like to change up its look. Thanks.


  2. Zane,
    I don't want to give a time frame as to when I will implement skins as I have a very busy schedule. I will say though that it is coming. Skins have been one of the main thing I have wanted to do with the Calculator since day one. Be patient with me, it will come.