Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Calculator 2.3- A few updates here and there...

Hey everyone,

Just pushed out Calculator 2.3 for you in the Market.
This was a smaller update feature-wise but does add a few new things here and there that people have requested that makes it a little more usable.

The 2.3 update includes:

  • Updates "Simple" layout in landscape so it looks a little cleaner
  • The "%" key now evaluates the expression when you hit it so you don't have to hit equals right after
  • When you store a number in memory, you can now start typing the next one you would like to work with immediately instead of hitting clear first
    • Eg. To add 2 and then 3 into memory you now hit 2 > M+ > 3 > M+ 
    • Instead of 2 > M+ > Clear > 3 > M+
Thanks to all of you who keep writing in with suggestions. I will try to add as many as I can.

Thanks, enjoy!

The updated "Simple" Layout at the bottom =)

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