Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Calculator 0.6.1 fresh out of the oven

Alright guys, I got a sweet new update for you tonight.

0.6.1 update features:
- much better handling of really big and small numbers. Really large or small numbers will be properly formatted in scientific notation and will allow powers of up to +/-999 while retaining a relatively decent amount of accuracy (as accurate as your favorite iDevice). At that point big numbers go to Infinity, small numbers go to Zero and the calculator will reset. I'm quite proud of this new feature and feel this is sufficient number space for any calculating one needs to do (if it isn't I guess let me know via email!)
- I also fixed a small number of quirks when entering numbers and such to make it look prettier and much more polished
-Made the area where the numbers are displayed a tad larger

At this point this calculator is nearing the point where my focus will be turning to adding those scientific functions you all have been requesting. This will take some time so be patient me, I want these features too but I want them to turn out right.

Please download and please send me your feedback in the comments or email (Yes I do regularly check both)


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