Saturday, August 21, 2010

Calculator 0.5.1 Out!

Calculator 0.5.1 just arrived on the market.

This is mainly a bug fix release. The calculator no longer FCs when the answer has repeating digits in the answer. Thanks to Lyle for alerting me to this.

I am currently working on making sure numbers format better when working with really large numbers (they still disappear off the screen when longer than about 8 digits). I don't intend this calculator to be used for super large calculations but it would be nice if you could tell what you were working with and still keep good accuracy when you wanted to!

As always, download the new version and tell me what you think!

1 comment:

  1. Does your pay calculator version have the X for Exit? I have your Payed v3211 from Amazon on my 2 year phone which works and tried to install apk on my new phone and it Errors.