Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calculator 0.6 out in the wild!

Hey guys got a nifty update out on the market for you to download.

The 0.6 update includes:
- Fixed a couple force close bugs when dividing by zero and such
- Much better handling of larger numbers. This is a nice new feature as the calculator will now shrink the text in the window when the text is getting long so it doesn't spill off the end. This should help those of you who love to calculate them big numbers =) Although it will eventually be too big if you go up past a couple trillion (it's not a perfect update) this is a good start and will be sufficient for most of us.

My life will be getting busier in the coming weeks but I still hope to keep pumping out consistent updates for you guys!

Enjoy and please email me with any bugs/or suggestions you have!


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